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Tiny Lolitas

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 10:08:23 -0400From: Ronyx Subject: Down the Darkened Path Chapter 13The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities to anyone are purelycoincidental. The story is intended for a mature audience. It may containprofanity and references to gay sex. If this offends you, please leave andfind something more suitable to read. The author maintains all rights tothe story. Do not copy or use without written permission. Writeronthemustardjar.com with your comments. Ronyx is a prolific Niftyauthor. Visit www.themustardjar.com for more stories by Ronyx.Down the Darkened Path Chapter 13Claire grabbed Allison's hand and pulled her towards the door. "We'll tryto catch him."She couldn't understand Troy's outburst when he heard Jayden's voice. Theyseemed to have been getting along so well the day before. Earlier in theday Jayden had even walked blindfolded around the mall just so he couldexperience what Troy was feeling.Now he was gone. She pulled Allison frantically down the hallways and tothe elevator. "What just happened back there?" Allison asked as they waitedfor the elevator to open."I don't know," she said worriedly. I've never seen Troy so upset. He'sbeen moody recently, but that's the first time he's shown outrage. And poorJayden. I don't even know what he did to deserve it." The elevator dooropened and they entered. Claire pushed the down button a dozen times in anattempt to close the door so they could resume their search for Jayden.Back in Troy's room his parents and Penny were extremely upset with Troy'sbehavior. When they tried to question him why he had shouted at Jayden, heremained quiet in his Tiny Lolitas bed with the sheet pulled over his head.Penny paced back and forth in the room, occasionally looking down at Troy'sbody hidden under the sheets. Suddenly, she stopped before herparents. "Would you mind going down to the cafeteria for a little while?"Mr. Neal rose and stood before her. "Why?"Penny looked down angrily at her brother. "I have some things I want to sayto Troy and I don't want to say them with you here.""Penny, don't," said her mother as she stood and took her arm. "Troy's beenthrough enough.""Please, Mother?" She pleaded. Mr. Neal grabbed his wife's arm and led herto the door."Let's go, Sheila," he said calmly. Troy's mother looked worriedly at Pennyas they left the room.She continued to pace around the room, occasionally stopping and lookingout the window. She knew if she started talking while she was upset, shemay say some things she'd regret. She had stood by for days and watched asTroy had experienced mood changes, and she could understand them. But shewould not tolerate him attacking Jayden. Jayden had lost everything as aresult of helping her brother and she didn't want to see him hurt.She walked over and yanked the sheet off Troy`s face. He attempted to pullit back, but she held it firmly. "Sit up," she ordered."Leave me alone, Penny," he mumbled Tiny Lolitas as he rolled over away from her."What is wrong with you?" She Tiny Lolitas walked Tiny Lolitas around to the other side of thebed. "Why are you acting like a complete jackass?""Fuck you!" Troy sat up and shouted at his sister. "Fuck all of you!""Why?" Penny grabbed his shoulders and gently shook him. "Why are youacting like this?""Like anybody cares," he responded sadly.She reached out and attempted to hug him. "We love you, Troy." He pushedher away and laid his head back down on the pillow."Yeah, right," he remarked sarcastically. "Poor Troy. Poor blind Troy."She grabbed his shoulders and shook him more forcefully. "Stop it, Troy!"He rolled over and turned his back to her. She walked over and stoodstaring out the window. When she felt she could talk without getting upset,she walked back over to the side of the bed."What did Jayden do to you?" She became confused when he started laughinginto his pillow."Keep poor Troy in the dark." He sat up and looked in Penny'sdirection. "In the dark, get it?""What are you talking about?""When did you plan to tell me?""About what?""Jayden.""What about Jayden?"Troy reached up and yanked the wrapping from his eyes. "About this!" Hescreamed. "That it was his cousins who did this to me!" Penny turned awayand walked over to the window. She realized that they had been wrong by nottelling Troy sooner about Jayden's cousins. She walked back over to theside of the bed."Who told you?""It doesn't matter," he said angrily. "I want to know why you didn't."She attempted to hold his hand, but he yanked it away. "We were trying toprotect you.""Protect me?" Troy sat up and started laughing. "Protect me Tiny Lolitas from what? Thetruth?"Penny reached for his hand and held it firmly. She refused to let him pullit away. "You've had enough to deal with. It's only been the last couple ofdays that Tiny Lolitas you've started talking. We weren't hiding it from you." Shesqueezed his hand tighter. "We were just waiting for a good time to tellyou."Troy remained silent. He kept his face turned from Penny, but he let hercontinue to hold his hand. There were a lot of unanswered questions and hewas waiting for her to tell him."You want the truth?" She grabbed his shoulders and turned him towardher. "Then I'll give you the truth." Troy pulled away and laid his bed backon the bed."You're right," she said. "It was Jayden's cousins who hurt you." Shesqueezed his hand tightly. "But you have to believe me, Jayden wasn'tinvolved. He was standing at his bedroom window and saw you fall down onthe street. He's the one who called 911. He then went outside and held youin his lap until the ambulance arrived."Troy remembered back to that night. He remembered stumbling blindly downthe street begging for help. He could recall someone grab him and put hishead in their lap and talk reassuringly to him, gently stroking the side ofhis face. It was the last he remembered before darkness overcame him thatnight. He now knew that someone was Jayden. He understood why his parentsand sister took such an interest in him.His sister squeezed his hand gently. "He's lost a lot since that night,Troy. He testified to the grand jury about his cousins. His aunt kicked himout of her home. He was homeless, so Mom and Dad have let him stay in thedownstairs bedroom until he graduates from school. You're not the onlyperson whose life changed that night." She kissed Troy's forehead, then shewalked over to the window and stared out onto the parking lot below. Shewiped away the tears that had fallen unnoticed from her cheek."Penny?" Troy sat up and whispered softly."Yes, Troy?""Thanks." He sighed, then laid his head back and appeared to fall asleep.*********"Where'd he go?" Claire was standing out front of the hospital scanning thesidewalk. She didn't see Jayden anywhere."Maybe he went to the cafeteria," suggested Allison. Claire turned backtowards the hospital door and hurried through the corridors. She scannedthe cafeteria, but she didn't see him anywhere."Let's go get my car," said Allison. "We'll drive around and see if we canfind him."They drove south for several blocks but didn't see him. Allison circled theblock, hoping he had walked in the opposite direction."Where the hell is he!" Claire shouted as they drove several blocks. "Hecouldn't have walked this far.""Let's head over to the Neal home," suggested Allison. "He may have goneback there." She reached over and held Claire's hand as they turned aroundand headed toward Troy's house.Jayden stepped out from the alley and watched Allison's car disappear inthe distance. He felt guilty because he could see the anxious look onClaire's face when they circled Tiny Lolitas around the Tiny Lolitas street. However, he was Tiny Lolitas tooupset to talk to anyone.It's my life, he thought. There's never a clear direction. All I do iswander down one dark path and then another. My life is a maze ofuncertainty. Nothing ever changes.He had been feeling hopeful the past few days at the Neal home. They hadtaken him in unconditionally. The only request they made was that hegraduate. He had become comfortable in his new surroundings, feeling thathe finally had found someplace he could call home. But as Tiny Lolitas he had becomeaccustomed to the past two years, things could change suddenly.He didn't understand Troy's outburst. "Get him out of my room!" The wordsechoed in his ears. And they hurt. He was becoming emotionally drawn toTroy. He couldn't explain it, and he didn't try. He only knew that when hewas with him things seemed to fit. Even his family and close friends hadaccepted him as someone they had known for a long time. Things sometimeshappen, he would tell himself. Maybe it was time for my life to change forthe better. But now another dark path leading to nowhere."Get him out of my room!" Why? What had happened between yesterday andtoday to make him scream at me? Jayden thought. The day before we hadconnected in the hallway. It appeared that he had accepted me, almost foundcomfort in my presence. What had happened?Jayden walked aimlessly around the street as he tried to figure out what hehad done wrong. Before he knew where he was going, he found himself at theentrance of the hospital. He stood staring at the automatic doors as theyopened and several people walked out. One man rudely bumped hisshoulder. "Watch it, Buddy," he shouted. "Are you blind?" Jayden turned andlooked blankly at him without responding.He walked into the hospital waiting room and sat down in a chair. He lookedat the clock. It was almost eight. Visiting hours would be over soon. Hewaited until he saw Troy's parents and Penny walk past the door. He held upa magazine to his face so they wouldn't see him. A few minutes later he gotup and walked to the elevator and headed to the fourth floor.The room was dark when he entered. Only a small light from the bathroomilluminated the room. Troy was lying on his side with his back turned awayfrom the door. When he didn't stir, he walked over and sat down in achair. He stared at the motionless body for about fifteen minutes when Troysuddenly began to thrash around in bed."Don't!" He screamed. "Don't hurt me!" He threw his hands up to his face asif he was trying to prevent someone from hitting him. "No! Don't!" Hescreamed louder. Jayden was getting up from his seat when Troy sat up inbed. He had a panicked look on his face.Jayden sat down on the side of the bed and took Troy in his arms. "Shhh,"he said soothingly. "It's alright," he assured him. "You're safe. I've gotyou." He remembered a Saturday night a week earlier in which he took abeaten boy into his arms and tried to comfort him.He rocked Troy gently as he tried to pull away in panic. "It's okay, Troy,"he said softly as he continued to rock him. "No one's going to hurt you."Troy threw his arms around Jayden's waist and Tiny Lolitas held him tightly. "I'mscared," he cried."I know," Jayden responded as he ran his hand over Troy's face and wipedthe tears away. "You're safe now, though." He rocked Troy for severalminutes until he could feel his body start to relax. He tried to have himlie back, but Troy refused to let go of him."Hold me, please." He begged. "I don't want you to go." He buried his headinto Jayden's shoulders and trembled. Jayden tightened his arms around himand rocked him."Do you want me to call your parents?" He asked after Troy seemed to settledown. He could feel Troy shake his head against his neck. A minute laterTroy pushed away and laid his head back against the pillow. He reached outwith his hand, attempting to find Jayden's. When he felt it, he took it inhis and held it tightly."Are you alright?" Jayden ran his hand against the side of Troy's face."I hate these nightmares," he said. "This one was really bad.""I'm sorry," Jayden said softly. He knew his cousins were the cause of allTroy's problems. He knew there was nothing he could do to Tiny Lolitas change things,but he felt it was something he had to say.Troy lay quietly for several minutes. He appeared to be asleep, but hishand kept squeezing Jayden's occasionally. Jayden took his other hand andcupped it around Troy's. Without thinking, he leaned in and kissed Troy'sforehead."Thanks," Troy whispered softly."For what?""Coming back."Jayden became filled with emotion. He thought that maybe, just maybe, thedark path was going to lead somewhere this time. He leaned down and onceagain kissed Troy's forehead. He listened as Troy sighed. A minute laterhis body relaxed as he began to sleep. Jayden rose from the bed and satback in the chair. He watched Troy in the darkened room as he slept.********"Where have you been?" Claire jumped up from the school step when she sawJayden walking toward the school. She ran up and embraced himtightly. "We've been worried sick about you. Mr. Neal drove the streets allnight looking for you."Jayden began to feel guilty. He had thought since he spent the night withTroy that no one would be looking for him. He hadn't thought to use Troy'sroom phone and let them know he was alright."I spent the night with Troy." He laughed when Claire stepped back and gavehim an astonished look."What? Where? When?" He started to laugh louder."Slow down," he laughed as he took her hand and led her up thesteps. Tiny Lolitas "We're going to be late if we don't move it.""Wait!" She grabbed his arm and turned him toward her. "You can't just sayyou spent the night with Troy and leave it like that. After the way heshouted at you, we thought you might have run away.""It crossed my mind," he admitted. "I walked around for a longtime. Somehow I ended up back at the hospital." He grabbed her hand andstarted walking."Wait!" She stopped again. "And?""And what?" He teased. He was enjoying the confused look on Claire's face."Would you stop it!" She hit him gently on the arm. "Be serious,Jayden. What happened when you went back?""I don't know," he replied. "We just kind of made up, I suppose.""He wasn't upset?""When I got there he was asleep," he explained. "I just sat down and closedmy eyes. Then he had a nightmare.""Nightmare?""Yeah, a bad one.""And?""And I held him.""Held him?""Yeah, he asked me to hold him, so I did.""That's it?""Yes," he said as he took her hand and led her to her first period. "I heldhim. I guess we kind of made up." She looked up at Jayden and stopped. Shethen stood on her tip toes and gave him a kiss on his cheek."What was that for?""I don't know," she said. "I just felt like doing it.""I know what you mean," he grinned. He remembered kissing Troy on hisforehead the night before because he `felt like doing it.'********"Anthony!"Jarvis ran across the lobby of the police station when Anthony and Tyronecame strolling from behind the barred door."Hey Little Man," said Anthony as he knelt down and hugged his youngerbrother. He stepped back and gave him an angry look when he noticed that hewas crying."Hey, Boy," he said angrily. "Wipe your eyes clean. You got to toughen up."He grabbed him playfully around the waist. "Real men don't cry." He thennoticed his aunt standing off to the side with Tyrone."Auntie!" He walked over Tiny Lolitas and gave her a hug. "I told you not to worrynone. My boys got us out."Just an hour earlier three of his neighborhood friends had come in and madebail for them. It had taken a few days to gather enough money, but nowAnthony and Tyrone were free until they had to appear at trial, if therewas one.He threw his arm around his aunt and headed for the door. "Man, I can'twait for a real home cooked meal."She looked up at him and smiled. "How does barbequed chicken, potato saladand coleslaw sound?""Mmm, mmm," he replied. "Let's hit the road. I'm starving."They found his blue van parked in a parking area behind the station. Whilehe was behind bars, his friends had gone to the police impound and gottenit out. Since it had been searched for evidence, the police had signed itback over to his aunt. His friends had earlier in the day brought it downfor him to use when he and his brother were released.Jarvis was riding in the back seat with his aunt. He caught Anthony'sattention in the rear view mirror and grinned. "Did you bend over and pickup the soap?" He stopped laughing when Tyrone turned and scowled at him."None of that gay shit, Little Bro," he warned. "Got it?" Jarvis hung hishead and nodded."Speaking of gay," he turned and looked at his aunt. "Where's that faggotcousin of ours? We got some unfinished business to take care of.""In hell!" Jarvis shouted. His aunt smacked him lightly on his arm."I don't know," she replied. "I haven't seen him since I kicked him out ofthe house.""That mother fucker is mine," he hissed. "My boys told me he snitched on usto the cops."Anthony spoke for the first time. "We've got some guys looking forhim. Some guy who goes to his school heard he could be staying with thatfag we roughed up.""What are you going to do?" Jarvis asked excitedly. He still hated Jaydenfor what he had done to his brothers.Tyron turned and gave him a concerned look. "Sometimes it's best that youdon't know certain things, Little Bro." He looked over at Anthony. "Justlet us take care of it.""I hope you fuck him up," spat Jarvis. He jumped when his aunt slapped himon his arm."Watch your language," she warned."Anthony and Ty say fuck all the time." They laughed when he shouted againas his aunt slapped his arm.*******Claire pulled up to the hospital entrance and let Jayden off. "I'll be backin about an hour. I have to go pick up Allison.""That's going to take an hour?" Jayden wiggled his eyebrows. He startedlaughing when Claire's face started to redden."Shut up," she giggled. "It's been a week since we've spent some qualitytime together.""Quality time, huh?" Jayden smiled. "So that's what they call it now?"Claire's face reddened deeper as she flipped him the finger and drove away.When he entered Troy's room, the curtain was drawn back and the sun wasshining in. It was the first time Jayden could remember it being so bright."Who is it?" Troy sat up in bed and looked in the direction of the door."Jayden." He walked over and took Troy's hand and held it. "Where's yourmother?""She left to go run some errands." He squeezed Jayden's hand. "Are youalone?""Yeah," he replied. "Why?"He smiled when he saw Troy begin to blush. "You got to help me out," hesaid nervously."Yeah, sure," Jayden replied. "What do you want me to do?" He waited forTroy to tell him to help him to the bathroom or to get him a glass ofwater. He wasn't prepared for what Troy asked him next."I got a problem," he stammered. "Promise not to laugh?""Yeah, sure." He gave Troy a puzzled look."Look." Troy lifted the sheet and showed an erection poking through hispajamas. Jayden stepped back and started laughing."You promised me you wouldn't laugh.""Okay," Jayden apologized. "What do you want me to do?""I've been hard all day," he explained. "I want to jack off, but I'm afraidMom or a nurse would walk in and catch me.""Okay," Jayden grinned, but he didn't laugh. Since he was the same age asTroy, he could empathize with his situation. He often felt the same way athis aunt's Tiny Lolitas house when he'd masturbate. He was always afraid someone wouldcome walking in and catch him."Can you stand by the door and let me know if anyone comes?"Jayden started laughing. "Sounds like you're the one who's going to becumming.""Come on, Jayden," he said anxiously. "Get serious. I got to do this nowbefore Mom comes back.""Wait a minute." Jayden walked into the bathroom and got a wad of toiletpaper. He Tiny Lolitas returned and put it in Troy's hand. "Cum in this." Troy noddedhis head. "I'll keep an eye out. I'll knock twice on the door if anyonecomes." He again started laughing. "I'll knock once when you do.""Smart ass," laughed Troy. He pulled down his pajama bottoms, exposing anice six and a half inch cock. The head was bright red and swollen. Jaydenknew it wouldn't take him long to reach a climax. For a second, he feltlike reaching out and doing it for Troy.Jayden hadn't reached the door before Troy took his cock and started tofeverishly stroke it. He opened the door and poked his head out. He scannedthe hall and then looked back and watched as Troy continued tomasturbate. He could feel his own cock hardening and wished that he couldjoin him.After about three minutes, Troy moaned and Tiny Lolitas arched his back. Jayden watchedas volleys of cum shot out onto his chest. He couldn't believe the amountof cum that exploded from his reddened cock. Troy laid back and tried tocatch his breath. Jayden knocked on the door once and started laughing."Shit!" He shouted. "I forgot to cum in the toilet paper." He ran his handover his stomach. "I've got this shit everywhere."Jayden scanned the hallway quickly, and then he walked over and took atowel lying on the nearby sink. "I'm going to wipe this off you," he toldTroy as he began to wipe his cum soaked body. "Damn, dude," he laughed. "Nowonder you had to get off.""I told you," Troy said. His face started to redden. "This is soembarrassing.""Don't worry," Jayden assured him. "I liked the show." He took Troy's handand ran it across his erection. "See.""Damn," Troy moaned as he ran his hand up and down Jayden's erectcock. Jayden continued to wipe the cum from Troy's body. When he ran thetowel over Troy's cock, he arched his back and came a second time."Damn," he moaned again. Jayden quickly cleaned his body and steppedaway. He was afraid that someone might enter and catch them. Troy pulled Tiny Lolitas uphis pajamas and then covered himself with the sheet. He then reached outand searched for Jayden's hand."Thanks," he said as he squeezed Jayden's hand tightly."Any time," Jayden laughed. Just then the door opened and Mrs. Neal walkedin. They released their hands, but not before she saw them."Are you boys enjoying yourselves?" She gave them a puzzled look when theyboth started laughing.* * * * * * * * * *Want more? Go to www.themustardjar.comSend comments/feedback to ronthemustardjar.com
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